Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Been a long time!

Apparently it's been a year since I've written last! Not so easy when they only form of internet I have here is my phone! Oh well I will try to get better at this! 

What's new with me?!? 

Well I am engaged! :) and will be married on Sept 20th 2014!!! We have an awesome wedding party! I'm looking forward to everything coming together and spending the day celebrating our love with the people we love most! 

Dacotah is getting older :( suffering from some arthritis in his back leg (one he broke as a pup) but he's still full of love and attitude!! 

I recently took a CNA course to hopefully find new work closer to home but as the class ended and it all got so much more real I've had second thoughts about switching jobs right now. So many reasons, few being, I'm comfortable where I am I may not always enjoying it but I like knowing what's expected of me and knowing what I'm doing is right. Another being I'm getting married in less than 9 months, not sure if I want to throw the stress of a new job on top of the stress of planning a wedding. Not that the planning had been to bad so far but needing to arrange for time off having the flexibility to be able to come and go as needed is something that I know I'll have with my current job. Another thing is my benefits, not so much the health and dental that's pretty basic but my vacation time is great! Not many places offer that much time away and after being there for 5 years I've accrued an extra week. If I start somewhere else I'm starting back in the bottom of the totumn pole again, really not sure I want to do that just yet! I know that when we decide to have children I am going to have to switch to something/somewhere different, my current position isn't idea for a pregnant person, too many risks! So I've been thinking that maybe I will pick up a part time CNA position, that way I get my schooling reimbursed, I'll have some extra money coming in for the wedding and I also can try to figure out if that's the route I really want to go without giving up what's I've got right now. So far it's just a thought but it seems like the most logical one. 

I will soon be an auntie! Eric and Annaleah are expecting in May! They aren't finding out the sex of the baby, which of course is liking me! But I'm super excited to have a little niece or nephew to spoil!!

Well this has pretty much been my 2013 in a but shell! So much going on in 2014 to look forward too! Happy New Year everyone!!!

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